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vegan falafel with hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli, cabbage  // fala bar los angeles I went to Fala Bar this week in West Hollywood and am so glad that I did. I loved it. Seriously, hands down the best vegan & gluten-free falafel in town. The food was so abundant and colorful. Plus it was completely organic and locally sourced from non-GMO ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives added. This dedication to making high quality, healthy food made me smile. And it tasted delicious!

fala bar // west hollywood The set-up is very cute. It’s this tiny little shop on Melrose Avenue across from where they have the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays. Surrounded by edgy, hipster thrift stores, juice shops, and graffiti murals, you really can’t miss Fala Bar’s wood paneled storefront, bright green chairs, and earthy aesthetic.

vegan falafel with hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli, cabbage // fala bar los angeles Fala Bar itself stays true to it’s name. You walk inside and there’s literally just enough room to stand at the little salad bar, order your food, grab a drink from the fridge, and maybe pick up some granola or other treats. Now onto the food. I got the fala plate with 4 falafel balls of your choosing (I got the original), hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli, and cabbage. 

vegan falafel with hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, quinoa tabouli, cabbage // fala bar los angeles The falafel was the bomb! I mean just look at it. Middle-eastern cuisine has grown on me in the past couple of years and now I’d have to say it’s in my top 3 favorites.  I’m already planning my next trip to Fala Bar because I wanted one of everything on the menu. Their falafel comes in 5 flavors: original, sweet potato (definitely trying this next), spicy, crunchy, and kale. You have the choice to get it as a sandwich, in a cabbage leaf, as a burger, as a plate like I did, or in a salad. 

falabar-store-9 If you’re on the run and looking for something super quick, they even have grab-and-go salads, sides, and snacks including: sweet potato fries, brussels sprouts, Israeli salad, Arabic salad, hummus, kale chips, and baba ghanoush. 

falabar-store-8 I really liked the overall vibe of this place. The employees were super nice and welcoming, I only had to wait 5 minutes to get my food, and it tasted great! If only there was a vegan Fala Bar-style restaurant for every type of cuisine: Italian, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. You get where I’m going with this? 

fala bar // west hollywood Despite having an overwhelming amount of food choices for vegans here in LA, Fala Bar is the first Middle-Eastern restaurant I’ve found that’s all organic, vegan, gluten-free, and dedicated to sourcing responsibly farmed local produce from the farmers themselves. As the brain child of its founder, holistic health coach Gina Ragnone, Fala Bar really raises the bar for healthy, fast-casual eating. 

fala bar // west hollywood If you haven’t gone yet, go now! You’ll thank me later. I’ll be stopping by again soon so maybe we’ll even run into each other.

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