Travel Thursday // Best Vegan Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

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Since I just recently got back from the most amazingly spectacular birthday trip in Ubud, Bali, I thought it would only be fair if I shared my favorite vegan restaurants there with you. We went to Ubud because it’s peaceful and fun, nestled in the rice paddies and surrounded by the jungle. I grew up surrounded by the sounds of the forest and when we went to Bali last year, I fell in love with Ubud instantly even though we only spent the day there. I loved the scenery, but let’s be real I really loved the food too. It was vegan paradise, so this time we went I was determined to make it a foodie trip.

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Thankfully, my boyfriend was such a happy camper. He was totally on board with non-stop eating on this trip. He’s the bigger foodie out of the two of us, after all. He went around with me to all the vegan restaurants I wanted to try, which is saying a lot because seriously there are tons. And he didn’t complain, not once. I think it was partly because it was my birthday, but also partly because he just really loves me. Anyways, on to my list of my favorite vegan restaurants in Ubud!

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1. Down To Earth Cafe

I have to say that this place really blew me away! We went there literally every single day during our trip, because they have such an extensive all-vegan menu with all types of worldly cuisines offering everything from sandwiches to pizza to soups to burgers to a-la-carte Mediterranean. My personal favorite was the great hug-a-lafel sandwich filled with chickpea falafel, hummus, tahini, Arabic salad, and pickled cabbage with sweet potato fries.

If you go, DEFINITELY try the sweet potato fries because I swear they were life-changing. I’d always get them with an extra side of hummus to dip them in. My boyfriend really liked the Indian plate with yellow dahl, brown rice, vegetable samosas, and a whole meal chapatti. But really you can’t go wrong! And on top of that, there’s a decked out dessert fridge too. 

Last thing that I’ll mention is that they label everything on the menu (wheat free, gluten-free, raw) which I really appreciated. 

photo via Bali Go

2. Alchemy Bali

This place is an uber-cool vegan hangout, complete with a salad bar, raw vegan dessert fridge, and a totally raw menu. They’ve got daily specials which were a Hawaiian pizza and burger when I went, but I opted instead for the papaya summer rolls with a tahini dipping sauce, the Philly sushi, and a couple of the raw vegan chocolates. 

alchemy-bali-2 photo via Bali Go

I ended up going back for their chocolates on my birthday. I can honestly say I’ve never had raw vegan chocolate that tasted that good: the peanut butter cup and mylk chocolate are a MUST. Their salad bar has plenty of options like raw pad thai, zoodles, or curried veggies with like 6 different dressing to choose from. Just be sure to go for lunch if you want to make your own salad, because by dinner time they were sold out. Also, I wanted to note that every time I went it was absolutely packed, so don’t go expecting to just chill.

They also make their own nice cream, which I’m clearly a fan of. My only regret is not getting a chance to try their vegan quiche, which looked fantastic!

alchemy-bali-3 photo via Bali Go

3. M&A Ice Cream

My boyfriend happened upon this cute little vegan-friendly ice cream shop when I was on a dessert crawl mission looking for the best vegan desserts in Ubud. I was at another raw vegan cafe The Seeds of Life, where I was ducking into their almond butter caramel slice & banana cream pie. I wasn’t too pleased with either of them to be honest, so when my boyfriend came back telling me he found some vegan soft-serve ice cream I was overwhelmingly excited!

m-a-ice-cream-1 photo via Instagram

Their ice cream is made fresh from organic soybeans from Java and organic cacao from Bali with no MSG. It comes in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate with a wide array of toppings to choose from like organic granola, mochi, organic chocolate sauce, mixed berries, fresh banana, Oreos, sprinkles, and more.

I got the vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with their homemade rice cookies and smile cookies and drizzled with brown sugar syrup. OMG it was actually the best ice cream ever! It was perfectly sweet, creamy, and seriously addictive. Don’t even get me started on the homemade cookies, which were vegan, gluten-free, and so delicious that I bought all their stock and ate them all on their own.

vegan-ice-cream-bali photo via Instagram

I went back to M&A Ice Cream every single day, because I seriously fell in love with it. And they label all their toppings “vegan” or “gluten-free” which made me love them even more. This was the best ice cream I had in Bali by far!

moksa-ubud-edit image via Bali Bible

4. Moksa 

This all-vegan restaurant was recommended to me by a college friend of mine who lived in Ubud for a while and just recently left. She’s not vegan, so it’s sure to please both non-vegans and vegans alike! For breakfast, they’ve got everything from a tempeh benedict to gluten-free pancakes. But for the main attractions, I recommend going for lunch or dinner.

image via The Traveling Light

They offer raw, cooked, and gluten-free options too, so there’s really something for everyone. The tropical jackfruit tacos, tempeh caesar, gado-gado rolls, and coconut pad thai all stood out to me. If you’re looking for appetizing seasonal, plant-based dishes inspired by local flavors, then this place is for you!

clear-cafe-ubud-salad photo via Danielle Levy Nutrition 


 5. Clear Cafe

This place makes the list because they’ve got really delicious sweet potato fries and onion rings (legit the main reason I went there to be honest). But if you’re not into fried food, then they’ve also got a good raw vegan selection of salads, pizza, vegan kitchari, and lasagna. Their chocolate brownie with coconut ice cream is supposed to be really good, too. This place is very low-key (as in you take your shoes off before you enter) which I found interesting, but not entirely vegan so make sure to ask before you order!

moksa-4 photo via Danielle Levy Nutrition 

Honorable Mentions //

This is a list of places I didn’t get a chance to visit, but that I’ve read serve good vegan food. They’re on my list for next time! And for more restaurant recommendations, check out my vegan food guide to Bali.

  • The Elephant Restaurant & Bar – coconut noodle soup, pumpkin & tempeh salad, raw chocolate cake
  • The Seeds of Life – avocado & pesto pizza, warm Mexican lasagne, bruschetta 
  • Soma – live pad thai, pesto zucchini noodles, grilled veggie wrap with cashew cheese
  • Sari Organik – Indian curry burrito, tempeh with fresh veggies & curry sauce
  • Bali Buda – tempeh pumpkin sandwich, macrobiotic plate, nasi goreng
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