Top 8 Vegan Eats in Pittsburgh

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I’ve rounded up my guide for the top 8 vegan eats in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I’ve personally never been to Pittsburgh myself, but I’ve heard only good things. It’s known for classic American comfort food (Heinz ketchup is based there!). Now that my friends have graduated college and are moving all over the place for work, I’m expanding my horizons too. Pittsburgh was rated one of the best cities to live in only a couple years ago! Anyways, I’m always on the lookout for new vegan restaurants to spark my creativity, so I hope you enjoy this round-up as much as I did.

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1. Randita’s Organic Vegan Cafe

With a menu featuring homestyle classics like chicken & biscuits, reuben casserole, and swedish meatballs, you might not even believe this restaurant is 100% vegan! I’d definitely stop by to try their famous African peanut stew with sweet potatoes and spices. 

eden raw vegan cafe, pittsburgh photos via Instagram

2. Eden

Every now and then, I like to experiment and try raw vegan food. I find it’s always super creative, since the limitations of using only raw ingredients provide other opportunities to mix flavours otherwise not imaginable. Eden was the first raw vegan restaurant in Pittsburgh (it opened in 2011!). So they’re basically the OG vegan “fine dining” that values quality over trend.

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3. Apteka

Pittsburgh is unquestionably known for their pierogies. They even have a pierogi mascot who runs the bases at their Pirates baseball games. Apteka is the first place to successfully veganize pierogies while also providing a modern city dining experience. Yay for this new-ish, all-vegan restaurant!

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4. B52

Nestled in the trendy Lawrenceville neightborhood, B52 serves up Middle Eastern food with a little American flare. It’s a great lunch or breakfast stop and rumour has it they serve an awesome avocado toast (you really can’t go wrong!).

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5. Loving Hut

This fast-food style chain of all-vegan restaurants can be found all over the world. It’s reliable, fast, and affordable. I’m a big fan of Loving Hut in Hong Kong! They adapt to whatever the popular cuisine is based on location, but often are Asian-centric. After living in Asia, I’ve learned Loving Hut never disappoints!

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6. Onion Maiden

Punk rock-inspired Onion Maiden offers up fully vegan Asian & American comfort food. Think donuts, dumplings, tater tots and nachos. With dishes like “Headbanger Balls” and “Fist Full of Curry”, this casual restaurant gives you a super fun heavy metal vibe. I’m a big fan of themed restaurants and Onion Maiden hits the nail on the head!

liliput coffee and cafe, pittsburgh photos via Instagram

7. Liliput Coffee & Cafe

Vegetarian focused Lili Cafe + Onion Maiden (see above) joined forces to open Lilliput Coffee & Cafe last year. This cute little cafe serves a really delicious vegan brunch, including waffles, bagels with vegan cream cheese, a vegan reuben sandwich, and vegan tofu banh mi. It’s located inside Pittsburgh Filmmakers, one of the largest and oldest media art centers in the country. Which is cool enough on its own!

good chroma vegan bakery pittsburgh photos via Instagram

8. Good Chroma

Who would I be if I didn’t include desserts? If you know me, you know I have a crazy sweet tooth. Good Chroma is a home-based vegan dessert shop baking up all your wildest plant-based dreams. They’ve got classic chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, and oreo cupcakes. Need I say more?

If you’re planning a trip to Pittsburgh any time soon, I hope this vegan guide helps! I hope to visit soon and, when the time comes, Hotel Planner will come in handy. Even if you just wanted to drool dreaming over all the delicious vegan food, like I so often find myself doing, hopefully this provided you at least with some inspiration for the time being.

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