Top 6 Must-Haves for a Summer EuroTrip

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You may be sick of hearing this, but I’m really super duper excited for our upcoming trip to Italy. It’s t-minus 6 days until we leave! I can’t believe the moment has finally arrived when my childhood dream of riding around on a vespa in Italy comes true. Let’s be real, ever since I saw the Lizzie McQuire movie, I imagined a summer spent pretending to be an Italian pop star, listening to Italian music, and eating loads of carbs. As I get ready to pack, I’ve rounded up this list of my top 6 “must-haves” for a summer euro trip.

euro trip must-haves From top to bottom // Tendances de ModeCamp Cove Swim / Soludos / Sincerely Jules / Pinterest / Instagram

1. A striped boyfriend shirt and layered delicate gold necklaces + denim shorts

2. A really cute low back one-piece like this one.

3. Tassel slip-on leather sandals like these

4. A neutral colored side-tie dress or any dress with fringe on the bottom

5. A simple white bikini like this one

6. Long flowy, floral dress with sandals

I have to admit, I have always been a lover of clothes and shoes. But the funny thing is, I always find myself wearing the same couple of pieces over and over in my daily life. But when I’m on vacation, I really like to switch it up. I just got my first ever playsuit which I think is a definite must for a summer euro trip. Also, leather sandals, a trusty pair of denim shorts, aviator sunglasses, and a nice long dress are necessities.

So far, I only have the white bikini and the slip-on leather sandals sorted. I’ve been told by friends to pack light, because there will be lots of shopping to look forward to in Rome especially. If you have any recommendations, please I beg you to leave them in the comments below! And I’m not just talking about shopping. I mean any sights that you think we absolutely must see, small towns to visit (since we’ll be driving down the southern coast, we can stop almost anywhere), or restaurants to eat at.

Speaking of eating, does anyone have any tips for plant-based foodies looking to eat delicious Italian food? I’ve heard there’s delicious marinara pizza and pasta. I mean come on, how can you go to Rome and NOT eat pizza and pasta. Lucky for me, this girl loves carbs because I have a feeling I’m going to be on carb overload.

Don’t even get me started on vegan gelato. I basically lived on gelato and sorbet for breakfast and dessert when we were in France last summer. Speaking of traveling, we’re a bit crunched on time as we’re going from Rome to Sorrento and then all the way down to Sicily. We’re jumping around hotels and only staying at each place for 1-2 nights. This app is great for finding direct train routes from place to place. A definite must for a trip like ours!

Remember, if you have any recommendations for us, ANY at all, please let me know in the comments below!

*This post is a little late due to my poor planning, but it’s better late than never as they always say! Hope you guys can understand. I’m only human. Plus I have BIG news coming which will help explain everything. Can’t wait to share it with you!

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