Rome + The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy photo by Gary Pepper Girl

We’re going to Italy in July! I can’t believe it. Seriously, it’s a dream come true. After months and months of dreaming and talking about it, my boyfriend booked our flights to Rome next month. We’ll be spending 15 glorious days walking the sun-drenched streets, gazing at the ruins, living the history, and exploring the beaches. We have a tentative plan to go to Rome first then drive down the Amalfi Coast and the rest of Southern Italy for a week and a half. Please give us all your suggestions for places to see, things to do, and where to eat!

photo by Gary Pepper Girl

First stop on our Italian adventure: Rome! We’ll be staying there for 4 nights at the beginning of our trip and 1 night at the end, giving us a full 6 days to see everything. I’m the type of girl who always buys a Lonely Planet or otherwise super touristy guide book and follows along on the self-guided tour. I never ever want to miss out on anything!

Rome, Italy photo by Local Milk

After Rome, we’ll be taking the train to Naples where we’ll rent a car and drive the rest of the way. So far, I’ve planned for us to stop in Pompeii to see the ruins, then Sorrento for one night where we’ll take a day-trip to Capri. We haven’t exactly decided whether we’ll be staying in Sorrento or Capri, so if anyone has a recommendation, it’s more than welcome! 

photo by Gary Pepper Girl

After Capri, we’re spending a solid chunk of time in Positano and the Amalfi Coast. I’ve been dreaming of it for as long as I can remember. I can’t wait to see the famous terraced villas, eat all the pizza, and swim in the crystal clear blue waters. After the Amalfi, we’re going to Matera, which is a UNESCO world heritage sight. Then, we’ll be driving to the southeastern coast of Puglia. 

Italy photo by Local Milk

Then, for our last leg of the trip we’ll be exploring the island of Sicily before one final night in Rome! So far, I’ve read a lot online but I’ve got the feeling this trip will be a very special one. I am embracing it with spontaneity and excitement. I don’t want to plan too much, because I don’t really know what to expect. Please do write all your suggestions in the comments! Trust me, I could really use them. For more wanderlust, check out my Italy wish list or ideal travel guide.

photos by Gary Pepper Girl


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