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10 Vegan Fourth of July Recipes

photo from Brewing Happiness

It’s hard to believe that Fourth of July is already upon us! With all the impending BBQ celebrations to think about, I’ve rounded up these 10 delicious, tasty vegan recipes that are perfect for celebrating Fourth of July with friends, family, and loved ones. I feel like summer has just begun, yet in less than 2 weeks we’ll be heading off to Italy. Somebody please pinch me. I can’t wait to delve into all the Italian vegan food, but before then I will be celebrating Fourth of July at home with my boyfriend and hopefully at least 4 (or all!) of the following yummy vegan dishes.  Continue Reading

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5 Vegan Popsicle Recipes

vegan popsicle recipes photo by Top With Cinnamon

Finally #popsicleweek has arrived! I’ve rounded up these 5 amazing vegan popsicle recipes for you to try. I’ve literally been melting this past week in Hong Kong, with such high humidity that I feel like I’m walking around a jungle on a daily basis. Basically, imagine living in a tropical climate minus the beach and palm trees. Got it? Anyways, I’ve been getting really excited for popsicle week, because the best way to cool off in the summer is by eating popsicles on the daily. Duh! Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Vegan Memorial Day Recipes

#vegan memorial day recipes Memorial Day is upon us! To be honest, I actually almost forgot it was Memorial Day weekend, because it’s not a holiday that’s celebrated here in Hong Kong. Plus, I was busy all weekend running errands, going to the movies with my boyfriend, and just all around enjoying life, so I was a little bit off the radar. But once I dived back into social media, it instantly hit me that now would be the best time for a vegan Memorial Day feast! I’m here for you with these 4 delicious, vegan recipes that would be perfect for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ or picnic.

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