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Festive Friday // Banana Cream Pie Overnight Oats

vegan banana cream pie overnight oats #vegan #glutenfree I finally have a little bit of downtime this weekend, after 3 weeks straight of working non-stop. I feel like I’ve been a little all over the place lately, juggling multiple responsibilities all the while trying to keep up with my relationship, my blog, and my daily exercise routine. It might not sound like a lot, but let’s just say that I’m very happy to more or less have this weekend off. I made these vegan & gluten-free banana cream pie overnight oats in preparation for the weekend, because to be honest IΒ knew I’d be super lazy and not really want to cook or do much of anything except watch movies and catch up on our shows. These overnight oats areΒ delicious, ridiculously easy to make, and require no baking! Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Avocado Toast 5 Ways

avocado toast 5 ways Avocado toast = life. Seriously, avocado toast is the best ever. If you’ve never had avocado toast before, you’re missing out on life. Did I mention I love avocado toast? My passion for avocado toast runs deep. There’s nothing like cracking open a ripe avocado to find the creamy green goodness inside ready to be lathered on some toast. I put avocado on everything, but avocado toast is the best quick vegan breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner by far. So, I’m here to show you how to make avocado toast 5 ways featuring these stunning recipes from my fellow food bloggers!

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Tasty Tuesday // PB&J Nice Cream

vegan PB&J nice cream #vegan #icecream #recipe I was inspired to recreate my childhood favorite PB&J in nice cream form. So here you have a delicious, easy 5-ingredient vegan peanut butter and jelly nice cream sundae. After 2 weeks straight of having smoothies for breakfast every morning, I felt the need to switch up my routine. It was 93 degrees and 71 percent humidity in Hong Kong this morning, so I decided it was time for ice cream for breakfast. PB&J nice cream that is! Continue Reading

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