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5 Fun Holiday DIYs

5 fun holiday DIYs photo from A Pair & A Spare

Happy holidays! In this week leading up to Christmas, I’ve actually gotten myself together surprisingly well. I packed up a big box full of gifts and sent it to my parent’s house, since we’ll be celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong this year. That was my biggest stress, to get the gifts there before Christmas Day. So fingers crossed all works out as planned!

I’ve got most of my fiance’s gifts already. All I need to do is wrap them and do some last minute shopping for his family. Besides that, it’s relatively smooth sailing from here on out! I may even have time for one of these 5 fun holiday DIYs. Who’s with me? Continue Reading


Tasty Tuesday // Banana Bread Granola Bars

BANANA BREAD GRANOLA BARS // vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free These are the chewiest, sweetest vegan & gluten-free banana bread granola bars I’ve ever had! The combo of bananas & dates made the texture so nice & moist, not to mention naturally sweet and made with only 7 ingredients. I love how they actually taste like the most delicious banana bread, with some rolled oats thrown in there to make them more like granola bars. I cut these bars up to take with me to London as a healthy snack! (Side note: those adorable tattoos on my wrists are hand-drawn by a friend of mine & you can get an EXCLUSIVE discount code below). Continue Reading

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