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Travel Thursday // Provence, France: Road Trip Part 1

Lacoste, France Just over 2 week ago, my boyfriend and I flew from Hong Kong to Paris to embark on our most spontaneous adventure yet. Ever since my brother started working for SCAD at their campus in Lacoste, France, I promised myself that I’d make a trip out to visit him. After countless times of thinking about it, I finally decided to make it happen with the help of my loving and supportive boyfriend of course. We hopped on a train to Avignon, where we then rented a car and proceeded to drive to the small southern town of Lacoste in the stunningly beautiful Provence region of France. Continue Reading


Tasty Tuesday // Pink Dragon Fruit Smoothie

3-ingredient pink dragon fruit smoothie #vegan #glutenfree #recipe Have you ever had pink dragon fruit, or “pitaya”, before? It’s an exotic fruit that’s spiky on the outside with black dots on the inside and it’sΒ all the rage right now.Β Dragon fruitΒ originated in Mexico, but you can find it all over the world normally at Asian supermarkets. They sell it at the street markets here in Hong Kong, so I always buy some, cut it up, and then freeze it to use in smoothies. Hence the inspiration for this easy, 3-ingredient pink dragon fruit smoothie!Β  Continue Reading


Travel Thursday // Road Trip in France

southern-france-estate photo via Dust Jacket

We’re knee deep in planning our trip to France. In our usual style, we’re planning everything last minute so we’re scouring for the most affordable train rides, nice & trendy boutique hotels, and pretties views. Basically anything and everything to make our trip as memorable as possible. It’s hard to believe you can ever go wrong in the south of France, so I’m finding comfort in knowing that no matter where we are it will be beautiful. Continue Reading

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