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8 Vegan Spring Detox Recipes You Must Try

vegan spring detox recipes I’ve rounded up 8 delicious spring detox recipes that are an absolute “must” this season! Since traveling for most of March and April, I’ve let my routine get a little bit out of whack. But now that I’m back, I’m trying to ground myself in a healthy meal plan. I always feel my best when I start my day with a morning run, followed by a satisfying breakfast (usually a smoothie bowl or nice cream), and then a full day of work. These 8 vegan recipes are sure to help me get my greens in, keep me full, and make my tummy happy! Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Spring Rolls

wish list wednesday // spring rolls

Happy Earth Day fellow earthlings! Today’s the day to think about how we’re treating this lovely planet of ours and how we can work towards making it a better place. I think if we take those little conscious steps every day to do something like recycle or buy local or eat a plant-based meal, it could go a long way in making a difference in the long run. On that note, let’s celebrate the Earth today and the beautiful spring season with some bright & colorful spring rolls.
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