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Tasty Tuesday // Raw Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Balls

raw peanut butter cookie dough balls #vegan This week went from super busy to super stressful in a matter of minutes. We just found out that we won’t be taking the trip to NYC and Nashville for the 4th of July as planned. It’s quite a disappointment, but long story short it has to do with my boyfriend’s visa issues. It’s an incredibly complicated situation and I understand with everything going on in the world that times are tough right now. So, we’re trying to stay positive and hope for the best in the future. Which is why I whipped up a batch of these delicious, super easy raw peanut butter balls to cheer us up! Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Smoothies

vegan smoothies I’m so into smoothies lately because it’s scorching hot here in Hong Kong. It’s been sunny and beautiful all weekend long, which makes me crave big, ice cold vegan smoothies. I grab whatever fruits I have in the freezer, mix in more fresh fruits & veggies to my liking, and blend it all up with filtered water in my food processor. I find that I get super impatient when it’s hot out and my boyfriend complains that I get “hangry” and take it out on him. That’s why quick, easy smoothies are my key to satisfaction. I’ve rounded up these 4 vibrant, plant-based smoothie recipes to try out this coming week!

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Wish List Wednesday // Avocado Toast 5 Ways

avocado toast 5 ways Avocado toast = life. Seriously, avocado toast is the best ever. If you’ve never had avocado toast before, you’re missing out on life. Did I mention I love avocado toast? My passion for avocado toast runs deep. There’s nothing like cracking open a ripe avocado to find the creamy green goodness inside ready to be lathered on some toast. I put avocado on everything, but avocado toast is the best quick vegan breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner by far. So, I’m here to show you how to make avocado toast 5 ways featuring these stunning recipes from my fellow food bloggers!

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