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Wish List Wednesday // Vegan Recipes with Bananas

vegan recipes with bananas My inspiration for today’s round-up of vegan recipes with bananas is quite simple: I have a bunch of incredibly ripe, brown & spotty bananas that I need to put to good use. I normally either freeze my ripe bananas and turn them into nicecream or make my simple 4-ingredient oatmeal banana breakfast cookies. Those are my 2 go-to banana recipes, but I’ve ventured out too quite a bit with my banana overnight oats and banana bread donuts. But I’m feeling creative and want to turn my bananas into something delicious that I’ve never tried before!

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Tasty Tuesday // Banana Bread Blondies

I came into a predicament this week, because I found myself with about 8 extra ripe, brown and spotty bananas that I needed to use up. I thought about making my favorite banana bread donuts, but it’s no longer the weekendΒ so I wanted to try a new snack recipe that’s healthy enough to eat throughout the day. I thought about making granola bars, but then I was inspired by Gena from The Full Helping to make these vegan & gluten-free banana bread blondies adapted from her recipe. They’re really chewy, naturally sweet, and make a great afternoon snack! Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Healthy Travel Snacks

healthy vegan travel snacks Happy almost 4th of July! We’re gearing up for our big trip to Paris & the Cote d’Azur, where we’ll be celebrating Bastille Day in lieu of not being in the U.S. for the 4th. But don’t worry, I made sure we won’t be missing out on fireworks. No way. We’ll be in Paris to see the Bastille Day fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. I have the biggest obsession with holiday traditions, since my mom made sure all our holidays were celebrated with a bang. She’d decorate our entire house with holiday decorations, make us goodie bags with holiday-themed gifts, and make holiday appropriate food for us among other traditions. Finding plant-based food while traveling can be tricky, but I’ve rounded-up these 5 recipes for healthy, vegan travel snacks to take on my trip.

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