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Vegan Shamrock Shake with Mini Raw Donuts

vegan shamrock shake with mini raw donuts #vegan #glutenfree Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the healthy way with this creamy, dreamy vegan shamrock shake! It’s made from frozen bananas and hidden greens, blended into a deliciously thick shake with natural mint extract. I topped this mintyΒ thick shake with mini raw vegan donuts toΒ make my St. Paddy’s DayΒ celebrations even more special! You can make the shake with only 5 natural, wholesome ingredients in just 5 minutes. Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // What to Eat When You’re Sick

what to eat when you're sick #vegan Welcome to another edition of state of mind sunday! This week, I’ll be talking about what to eat if you’re sick as a vegan. I normally really take care of myself and my body, so I rarely get sick. But after a 2 week vacation in France then returning to Hong Kong to find it extremely hot & humid mixed with heavy jet lag, I came down with a really bad sore throat. Like I woke up on Sunday with sharp pains in my throat and I could barely swallow. Oh no! So I hoped for the best, drinking lots of fluids in the hopes that it would naturally heal. Did it work? Continue Reading


Festive Friday // Strawberry Banana Smoothie

easy strawberry banana smoothie #vegan #smoothie #recipe It’s a classic flavor combination. It was my favorite smoothie flavor as a kid. What I’m talking about is this easy, delicious 4-ingredient vegan strawberry banana smoothie. I added in a handful of blueberries, because I’ve been putting them in everything lately from my smoothies to my nice cream to my oats. So you could call this a strawberry banana blueberry smoothie, but for all intensive purposes let’s just stick with strawberry banana. The strawberry + banana combo is really the star ofΒ this smoothie anyways. Continue Reading

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