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Tasty Tuesday // Raw Cookie Dough Bites with Salted Caramel Frosting

raw cookie dough bites with salted caramel frosting // vegan & gluten-free #vegan #recipe I was craving sweets *againΒ and was too lazy to actually plan what I was making ahead of time and go to the grocery store. So, I ended up experimenting in the kitchen with the ingredients I had on hand: dates, almond butter, and oats for the most part. I wanted something that would be ready right awayΒ and would be delicious and chewy. The end result were these perfectly sweet, soft raw cookie dough bites with salted caramel frosting.Β  Continue Reading


Festive Friday // Blueberry Acai Nice Cream Sundae with Raw Cookie Dough Balls

blueberry acai nice cream sundae with raw cookie dough balls, coconut nectar & buckwheat Happy Halloween! This is a spooky, magical nice cream sundae made with blueberry acai nice cream topped with coconut nectar, buckwheat sprinkles, and raw vegan cookie dough balls. It’s completely raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and totally perfect for a healthy Halloween breakfast. The colorΒ kind of reminds me of witches brew, so it’s Halloween-friendly in my book. Continue Reading

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