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6 Italian-Inspired Vegan Recipes

vegan Italian recipes photo from Dolly and Oatmeal

Inspired by my recent trip to Rome & southern Italy, I’ve rounded up this list of 6 Italian-inspired vegan recipes that will transport you to Italy in an instant. You guys, word cannot even begin to describe how amazing the food in Italy tasted. I tried to explain it to my mom the other day, but words failed me. Let’s just say, Italian food is my new favorite cuisine! Click through to read more about our plant-based foodie adventures. Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Spring Salads

spring salads

So if you’re vegan, have you ever heard someone say, “all vegans eat are salads”? And if you aren’t vegan, have you ever played this joke on someone who is? I’m on a mission to prove that salads can be delicious, vibrant, wholesome and fun! I don’t understand when people started becoming so against salads, but lately I feel like they’ve been getting such a bad rap. I suppose people think they’re boring, but if that’s the case then here are 5 amazingly abundant & unique salads to prove otherwise. 

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