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6 Spooktacular Grown-Up Halloween Party Ideas

spooktacular grown-up halloween party photo from One Fab Day

Happy Halloween! I love the days leading up to Halloween. We’ve got all our super creepy crawly Halloween decorations out, from a light-up pumpkin to our Halloween tea towels on the oven to a Halloween banner hanging in front of the windows by our TV. I made it a point so that everywhere you look in our apartment, there’s some sort of Halloween decoration. Not to mention every day I’ve had to beg my fiance to watch a Halloween movie with me (don’t even get me started on my favorite Harry Potter movie marathon). I love these 6 spooktacular grown-up Halloween party ideas that would be a super fun way to bring your friends together! Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Pumpkin

pumpkin It’s pumpkin everything these days! I’m loving the festive Halloween spirit that I’ve let spread into every part of my life lately, even my cooking. A bunch of food bloggers from all over the world joined together for a #virtualpumpkinparty to share brand new pumpkin recipes perfect for the season. It’s gotten me incredibly inspired to come up with some pumpkin recipes of my own. So, I’ll be experimenting leading up to Halloween! Stay tuned to see what I come up with.

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Mantra Monday // Just Another Magic Monday

just another magic monday Today is just another magic Monday. I really try to look at each day as a gift. Yes, that even means Mondays. I know plenty of people who dread Mondays because it’s the start of the work week. Trust me, sometimes I feel the same way especially because Sunday is my “chill at home” day which is hard to follow. But then I think about all the good in Mondays: it’s the start of a new week meaning new goals, new small victories, new experiences, and new memories to make. 

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