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Mantra Monday // Let Your Heart Sing

let your heart sing #mantra #monday To be honest, I’m so exhausted right now that it’s taking all of my effort just to type this. But in the midst of everything going on in the world right now, my heart is full. I just feel filled to the brim with thankfulness, gratitude, love, and happiness. I just got back from a wedding, which helped really to put life into perspective from me. This is a month to be especially grateful for what we have, the loved ones in our lives, and the little blessings that pop up every day. Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // The Smallest Things

winnie-the-pooh This quote by Winnie the Pooh really put a smile on my face today! It’s so true that the smallest things really do matter. For me, something as simple as my boyfriend tickling me or sending me a funny meme when he knows I’ve had a tough day warms my heart. He knows how to make me laugh, how to make me smile, how to make my day just a little bit brighter. I am so happy to have found someone to share all the small joys of life with. Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // It’s Called Balance

balance photo via Pinterest

 I found this little gem of a quote on Pinterest today. It’s fits my mood oh-so appropriately right now. I’ve been in a perpetual struggle lately when it comes to finding my “balance”. I actually go running outside every day, so I guess you could call me a runner but I’m not big when it comes to labels. I just love running and it helps me to feel balanced and internally happy. But when it comes to eating salads, that’s another story. Continue Reading

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