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Detox Green Juice

detox green juice #vegetarian #vegan I’m a big juice person.Β Forget about juice cleansing, I mean the “sipping cold juice on a simmering hot, sunny day” type of juice drinking. Now that it’s over 80 degrees on the daily here in Hong Kong, I’ve been getting my juice on. I’m not shy of drinking all the fruits and veggies, so I whipped up this extra green, detox juice. For those of you that prefer drinking rather than eating your greens, this one’s for you! Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Juice

vegan juice healthy recipes I go through phases where I really like juice, then I don’t drink it for a couple of weeks, and then I start to crave it again. I guess you could say it’s a very temperamental relationship. I thought after my last 3 day juice cleanse that I’d sworn off juice forever. Don’t get me wrong, the cleanse went really well and I felt great afterwards. But it was an incredibly tough mental challenge for me. I also just couldn’t stand juice after drinking just that for 3 days straight. But alas, after over indulging last week, I found my body craving nothing other than cold-pressed juice this weekend.

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State of Mind Sunday // Juice Cleanse

state-of-mind-juice-cleanse-5 I’m back! I’m so sorry but I was forced to take a week and a half off blogging so that I could migrate my blog to a new hosting server. Anyways, the technical issues have been fixed, so thank you all for your patience. Now I’m back in full force and so excited to share all my new ideas, recipes, and inspiration with you all! After Easter, I completed a 3-day juice cleanse for the first time ever which I shared on Instagram. Click through to read more about my experience, why I want to break the ‘juice cleanse’ myth, and snag some yummy juice recipes!

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