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Mantra Monday // Keep Moving Forward

keep moving forward free wallpaper download So I don’t mean to rant, but I’m going to take some time here to vent. If you’re wondering why I’ve been a bit MIA for the past week, it’s because I was gearing up for a HUGE promotion at a big health foods store here in Hong Kong for my handcrafted nut butter company Nutty Buddy Nut Butters. I’ve been a bit shy to announce it here on the blog, but yes I did in fact start making and selling my own artisanal, naturally nutritious nut butters. But before I get into it, I’m super excited to share this hand-lettered desktop wallpaper by the amazing Melissa from I Still Love You. And you can download it for FREE from Lovely Indeed! Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // Happiness is Chips & Guacamole

happiness is chips & guacamole I haven’t designed my own art print in a while. Partially due to laziness to be honest and also partially due to the fact that I was at a loss for creative initiative. I was more inspired by other people’s work than my own, so I decided I’d share their beautiful creations with you. But this week, I fell in love with this art print on Pinterest. After discovering it was no longer available on Etsy, I decided I’d recreate it for you all by putting my own spin on it. You can download it for free below! Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // Achieve Greatly

dare to fail #mantra

I found this beautiful, hand-lettered art print by Hannah when I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration. I know I’m only 22 years old, but already in the time since I graduated from college 2 years ago I’ve taken some big risks in my life. I definitely haven’t been walking on the “safe side” of life. I moved the big move from Los Angeles to Atlanta to Hong Kong to pursue my passion of sharing healthy, vibrant & delicious vegan food as a career. Making big life changes are scary and I’ll be the first to admit that it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. But I’d rather be reaching for the stars then playing it safe and thinking “what if I’d only tried”. Continue Reading

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