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Top 8 Vegan Eats in Pittsburgh

top 8 vegan eats in Pittsburgh photo via Instagram

I’ve rounded up my guide for the top 8 vegan eats in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I’ve personally never been to Pittsburgh myself, but I’ve heard only good things. It’s known for classic American comfort food (Heinz ketchup is based there!). Now that my friends have graduated college and are moving all over the place for work, I’m expanding my horizons too. Pittsburgh was rated one of the best cities to live in only a couple years ago! Anyways, I’m always on the lookout for new vegan restaurants to spark my creativity, so I hope you enjoy this round-up as much as I did. Continue Reading


Travel Thursday // 4 Best Vegan Eats in New York City

by chloe vegan fast food new york city photo via Grub Street

One look at this vegan burger and I know I’m in heaven. Seriously the vegan food scene in New York City is unlike any I’ve seen. Forget the kale salads and cold-pressed juices, I’m talking vegan mac n’ cheese with sweet potato-cheese sauce and shitake bacon, giant old-fashioned cinnamon rolls, a guacamole burger topped with smashed avocado, corn salsa and chipotle aioli, and maple pecan waffles with candied pecans and Vermont maple syrup. So be prepared to drool all over your keyboard, because this list of the 4 best vegan eats in New York City is going to drive you wild. Continue Reading


Travel Thursday // Vegan Grocery Shopping in Hong Kong

just green, hong kong Today, I’m going to take you on a little tour with me grocery shopping here in Hong Kong. I never fully realized the convenience of grocery shopping in the United States, until I moved to Hong Kong. Especially when it comes to organic, vegan, and gluten-free groceries, it can be quite a mission to find these allergy-friendly, plant-based products. Not that they don’t exist, but there’s no Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s in Hong Kong which offers mostly organic, high-quality groceries with literally hundreds of vegan options. 

Continue Reading

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