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Travel Thursday // Glamping

tumblr_mznj0pw7321r2doe0o7_1280 photo via Skift 

I’ve put together this short glamping guide for anyone looking to take a trip to the wilderness that ebbs on the more luxurious side. Trust me, this is a far cry from my childhood spent camping out old-school style by a river in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was a Girl Scout after all, so I spent countless weeks at sleep-away camp growing up and loved every minute of it. The bugs and the darkness didn’t bother me one bit. But now, I have to admit I’d probably prefer camping out at one of these 3 uber-cool hideaways. Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // London

state-of-mind-sunday-london From top left // Flickr / Darling / The Style Scribe / Gal Meets Glam

It’s happening! Amidst all the chaos in my life right now, I’m dropping it all to accompany my boyfriend on a business trip to London. Traveling is the one thing I’ve never been able to say no to. No matter how many emails I have to answer or orders I need to fill for work, I would drop it all for the chance to travel which is basically exactly what I’m doing. I just love traveling so much (who doesn’t?) and London is one of my favorite cities in the world to visit. It’s starting to feel like a home away from home. Continue Reading


Travel Thursday // Saint Tropez & Cannes, France: Road Trip Part 2

The French Riviera #France After bidding my brother and Lacoste farewell, we jumped back in the car and drove to Aix-en-Provence for lunch. It’s a pretty fun, small college town with shops and trees lining the streets. I was excited when we found a salad bar called Jour, where you can make your own salad. I was especially happy that they had plenty of vegan options, so I got a big salad with black rice, chickpeas, avocado, green beans, peas, carrots, cabbage, and lemon juice. After feeling refueled, I grabbed some mango & strawberry sorbet and we headed back to the car so we could make it to Marseilles and then on to Saint Tropez where we’d be spending the next 3 nights. Continue Reading

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