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Mantra Monday // Start Somewhere

starting somewhere now is better than starting somewhere later free wallpaper by Becky Simpson for Design Love Fest

Sometimes I wonder what my life would’ve been like had I not started this blog. It helped lead me into photography and graphic design, which are skills I continue to work on and hone. I’ve always loved writing, which is my favorite part of blogging. I made the big leap into the blogging world just over a year and a half ago, after being encouraged by my parents and bosses at the time to do so. I was hesitant, nervous, and unsure of the direction my blog would take. Now I’m so grateful that I didn’t let these preoccupations stop me from starting! Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // Hello Fall

hello fall // free wallpaper downloads Fall officially arrives in only a couple of days! I’m welcoming this new season with open arms, happy thoughts, and good vibes. Our plate is full with travel plans, wholesale orders for our business, farmer’s markets, and movie nights. I’ve already drastically cut back on the amount of TV I watch, so I’m pretty proud of myself for that. My other goal is to spend more time outside which I’m actively doing by going out to eat more and meeting my boyfriend for drinks (hot tea for me). Besides that, I’m super ready to start prepping for the holiday season which means my kitchen will constantly smell like freshly baked cookies. In the festive spirit of the season, I’ve made these free “hello fall” wallpapers for you to dress your tech. Click through for the downloads!

Continue Reading


Mantra Monday // Girl Power

girl-power I was inspired this week to make more free wallpapers that you can use to dress your tech! I just wanted to say sorry again for going all MIA, but as I mentioned before I traveled to Ubud in Bali last week with my boyfriend to celebrate my 23rd birthday. It’s so funny to me how extravagant of a birthday it was and I’m still blown away by it. I feel so grateful and happy beyond words, because it was truly a magical trip. I feel not only so much more connected to my boyfriend, but also more in tune with myself. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, I’ll go into more detail below. Click through to download the free wallpapers! Continue Reading

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