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Tasty Tuesday // Tahini Chickpea Slaw

I’m back at it this week with this delicious, crunchy tahini chickpea slaw! Most people claim to have a love-hate relationship with salads, or let’s be real probably a mostly hate relationship. I used to be that way, but once I started experimenting and making my own abundant salads at home I realized how yummy and wholesomeΒ they can be. I literally laugh when I see those tiny take-away salads at cafes now, because I make my salads in a big bowl about the size of my head. This super easy vegan & gluten-free tahini slaw would be a great, mayo-free healthier alternative to coleslaw! Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Vegan Memorial Day Recipes

#vegan memorial day recipes Memorial Day is upon us! To be honest, I actually almost forgot it was Memorial Day weekend, because it’s not a holiday that’s celebrated here in Hong Kong. Plus, I was busy all weekend running errands, going to the movies with my boyfriend, and just all around enjoying life, so I was a little bit off the radar. But once I dived back into social media, it instantly hit me that now would be the best time for a vegan Memorial Day feast! I’m here for you with these 4 delicious, vegan recipes that would be perfect for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ or picnic.

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Festive Friday // Baked Sweet Potato Fries

oil-free baked sweet potato fries #vegan French fries anyone? Baked sweet potato fries, that is. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make crispy, homemade fries! I literally can’t remember the last time I went out and bought french fries. It’s just so much better making them at home, where you can add all sorts of spices & include all sorts of sauces on the side. Think of it as a “customize-your-own-fries” workshop. Today, I’m sharing with you my favorite recipe for perfectly delicious baked sweet potato fries! Continue Reading

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