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Tasty Tuesday // Deconstructed Sushi Bowl

deconstructed sushi bowl #vegan #glutenfree #recipe I’m a sushi addict. Seriously, self-admittedly I eat sushi almost every day. When I moved to Hong Kong a year ago, I initially found it hard to find vegan restaurants that accommodated my requests for oil-free, non-fried foods. There are only a couple of strictly vegan restaurants as well as a handful of vegan-friendly ones which offer fast-food type Chinese food, burgers, or salads loaded with high-fat dressing. I find most of it too greasy for my stomach, which prefers moreΒ low-fatΒ plant-based food. The one exception is sushi, which is incredibly vegan-friendly, oil-free and can be found all over the city. To curb this rather pricey habit,Β I’ve made this plant-based deconstructed sushi bowl which has been my go-to dinner lately. Continue Reading


Travel Thursday // Paris, France: Road Trip Part 4

vegan burger I’d like to start off with an ode to this vegan burger. Yep, you bet I got a vegan burger in Paris and it was the best burger I’ve had in years. It’s actually the only burger I’ve had in the past 2 years (besides ones I’ve made myself at home), but darn it was good. It’s also basically the only vegan food I had in Paris that wasn’t sushi. Paris was well, Paris. I liked it, though I missed waking up to the sparkling, beautiful Mediterranean Ocean every day in the south of France. I’ll admit the French Riviera stole my heart. Continue Reading


Tasty Tuesday // Tahini Chickpea Slaw

I’m back at it this week with this delicious, crunchy tahini chickpea slaw! Most people claim to have a love-hate relationship with salads, or let’s be real probably a mostly hate relationship. I used to be that way, but once I started experimenting and making my own abundant salads at home I realized how yummy and wholesomeΒ they can be. I literally laugh when I see those tiny take-away salads at cafes now, because I make my salads in a big bowl about the size of my head. This super easy vegan & gluten-free tahini slaw would be a great, mayo-free healthier alternative to coleslaw! Continue Reading

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