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State of Mind Sunday // Colorful Christmas Trees

colorful Christmas trees Clockwise from top left // Sugar & ClothA Subtle Revelry / Designlovefest / Ashley Rose

Since we’re going out of town for most of December, we didn’t want to spend too much money on a big Christmas tree this year. But I just couldn’t stand going without one, so me and Julian negotiated and settled on getting a small 4 foot tree. We put it up right after Thanksgiving, excitedly filling it up with all our sparkly, metallic ornaments. It’s such a happy sight to come home to every day! I’ve been seeing a bunch of non-traditional, bright & colorful Christmas trees this year, so here’s a round-up of my 4 top picks for festive, fun tree decorating. 
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State of Mind Sunday // Home Office Re-Vamp

home office re-vamp #home #decor From top left // Lobster and Swan / Minimal Desks / The Glitter Guide / Tumblr

 Last week was just one of those weeks where I had to get out of our apartment. I wanted to do something different, so instead of working from home in my sweatpants and favorite t-shirt, I got dressed and went out to a coffee shop. I felt super productive and got so much done for my blog, answered work emails, and took short breaks on Pinterest. All in all, I felt great. I broke through the rut I was having. But as it turns out, this was not a long-term solution. So I’ve set out to re-vamp my home office to make it just as appealing and conducive to work as these coffee shops.  Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Hawaiian Rainbow

hawaiian rainbow on my mind From top left // Once Wed / Wendy Laurel

Wow, I can’t get enough of these fun, tropical bridal portraits by Wendy Laurel. I was pouring over photos of Maui, dreaming of the blue skies, sunshine, and sand between my toes when I stumbled on this feature on the wedding blog Once Wed.  It’s such a cute & colorful modern take on wedding portraits, and perfectly suits the bride’s quirky taste. I really love the mixture of both old and new with throwbacks to the 60s and 70s mixed with geometric shapes and technicolor. I’m definitely channeling this Hawaiian style for summer. 

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