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Wish List Wednesday // Vegan Recipes with Bananas

vegan recipes with bananas My inspiration for today’s round-up of vegan recipes with bananas is quite simple: I have a bunch of incredibly ripe, brown & spotty bananas that I need to put to good use. I normally either freeze my ripe bananas and turn them into nicecream or make my simple 4-ingredient oatmeal banana breakfast cookies. Those are my 2 go-to banana recipes, but I’ve ventured out too quite a bit with my banana overnight oats and banana bread donuts. But I’m feeling creative and want to turn my bananas into something delicious that I’ve never tried before!

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Festive Friday // Sticky Date Almond Butter Nicecream with Rawnola Balls

sticky date almond butter nicecream with rawnola balls #vegan #glutenfree I’m taking notice of what recipes you all request on Instagram, so if you’re following me on there please give me a shoutout when you see something you’d like me to share here on the blog! I got really good feedback on this sticky date almond butter nicecream which is a new favorite flavor of mine. It tastes so much like salted caramel! It’s absolutely delicious, healthy, and super easy to make. I love sitting down with a big bowl of nicecream (or banana ice cream as you may know it) for breakfast or sometimes even lunch or dessert during the summer. I’ve added some rawnola balls too, because I put rawnola on everything. Continue Reading


Tasty Tuesday // Peach Mango Blueberry Banana Ice Cream

vegan, no-churn peach mango blueberry banana ice cream #vegan #recipe I’m celebrating my favorite month ofΒ August with this seasonal peach mango blueberry banana ice cream. If you’re lucky, you can find the ripest peaches from mid-July through August. Growing up in Georgia, which just so happens to be the peach state itself, I’ve always been a fan of peaches. This banana ice cream (or nicecream) is the perfect, easy no-churn vegan ice cream recipe for summer! Continue Reading

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