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10 Delicious Vegan Easter Recipes

vegan-easter-round-up I’m back from London! My boyfriend and I were there for 10 days to see his friends and partially for work as well. We basically ate the ENTIRE trip. Everything from vegan croissants to crepes to donuts to ale pie. It was such an over-indulgent trip for me. Trust me, I enjoyed every second of it but now I’m more than happy to get back to my normal exercise and eating routine. I haven’t felt the best lately, because I had a bad cold all last week when I got back. But today was the first day where my head cleared up and I was back to work! So, I put together this vegan Easter recipe round-up with 10 delicious, easy vegan recipes.  Continue Reading


Wish List Wednesday // Post-Workout Snacks

post workout-snacks I’m an avid daily runner. For me, it’s become like clockwork. I started getting back into running after I graduated from college 2 years ago. I started running twice a week, then four times, and now I’m up to six times a week. It’s become a habit, but more than that it gives me time to relax and reflect. Running simply makes me feel good both physically and mentally so I do it (to each their own they always say!). Naturally, I’m always hungry after my morning workout, so the first thing I do is reach for a post-workout snack. I try my best to go for healthier options, so I’ve gathered up these 5 plant-based snack recipes for inspiration!

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