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10 Seasonal Vegan Recipes for May

photo by Will Frolic For Food

Since you all enjoyed my round-up of 10 delicious vegan Easter recipes, I decided to do another round-up of vegan recipes that use fruits and veggies that are in season now! It’s May, which means you can look forward to eating lots of dark leafy greens, strawberries, rhubarb, broccoli, and asparagus. But the most exciting part is what you turn these ingredients into! Scroll through for 10 mouthwatering seasonal vegan recipes for May. Continue Reading


State of Mind Sunday // Vegan Birthday Cake

vegan birthday cake #vegan #cake I’m on cloud 9 right now! August is one of my favorite months by far. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 3 and a half year anniversary since we started dating (though I told him it feels like we’ve been together for like 6 years). I taught my first ever kids cooking class, where I helped them make my famous banana oatmeal breakfast cookies. I was nervous beforehand, but it ended up being a huge success. Now, I’m getting ready to leave for Bali on Sunday where we’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday on August 30th!

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Wish List Wednesday // Chocolate Cake

wish list // chocolate cake Today my big brother turns 25! I’m sending a big happy birthday to him while dreaming of these over-the-top, decadent chocolate cakes. In honor of his special day, I just might have to make one of them and eat it for him. He actually lives in Versailles, France with his girlfriend but is on his way over tomorrow. So maybe I’ll save him a piece or two to have in celebration of his birthday. Either way I’m definitely making a delicious vegan chocolate cake!

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