Mantra Monday // You, Me & A Cup of Tea


you, me & a cup of tea

Today’s mantra is dedicated to my boyfriend Julian. I love being able to completely be myself around him. It’s like we’re two peas in a pod- we just work so well together. This past week was quite challenging with work, but nevertheless he took every second he could to remind me how much he loves me and to make sure I was feeling good and happy. We spent our weekend just the two of us as we usually do- sleeping in, watching The Night Of on HBO (our latest TV obsession), baking, eating, and just enjoying each others company. 

I found this print here and thought it was just the cutest. After a lazy weekend, spending quality time with my boyfriend doing basically nothing productive, I found it to be rather appropriate. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, I’m happy when it’s just him and me (and a cup of tea). I’ve found lately that happiness doesn’t come from physical things. It’s not what clothes you have or how much money you make or how fancy your apartment is. It’s the people you spend time with, the people you connect with, and the relationships you have that mean the most.

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