Mantra Monday // It’s Called Balance

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 I found this little gem of a quote on Pinterest today. It’s fits my mood oh-so appropriately right now. I’ve been in a perpetual struggle lately when it comes to finding my “balance”. I actually go running outside every day, so I guess you could call me a runner but I’m not big when it comes to labels. I just love running and it helps me to feel balanced and internally happy. But when it comes to eating salads, that’s another story.

There’s such a stigma with vegans only eating salads or all fruits and vegetables. Actually, there’s a lot more to it that you’d think and being vegan does not necessarily equal healthy or balanced. I’ve learned it the hard way. When I first became vegan, I basically cut out any packaged or processed foods that I thought were unhealthy. I ate a mostly fruit-based diet meaning loads of nicecream, smoothies, and rawnola. I felt amazing and this worked for a while.

But then I started to crave more sweets. I wanted to start baking again, which used to be a passion of mine. I wanted donuts and blueberry muffins. I craved more savory comfort food too, like macaroni & cheese, french fries, and burritos to name a few. Seriously, like talk about a 360 degree change in my taste buds. I had no idea what to do, thinking these foods were labeled “unhealthy” so I shouldn’t eat them. But denying myself what I craved only lead to binge eating, which made things a whole lot worse. Finally, I stopped torturing myself and made some darn vegan mac & cheese. Like the kind straight up from the box. I ate oil-free fries, made my own vegan burritos, and even had a Clif bar (or two). And you know what? The world didn’t stop turning.

In fact, when I started eating what I wanted when I wanted, I didn’t feel the need to binge anymore. I was listening to my body and eating intuitively. I actually started to crave salads and fruit more, not because I had to eat them but because I genuinely was in the mood for them. I’ve found that there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to be vegan. It’s all about doing what works for you. Just because your vegan doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself.

It’s all about balance. As for refusing to put on pants, I basically live in my one favorite pair of sweatpants. So I guess I still need to work on balancing that aspect of my life. But nobody’s perfect, right?

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