Mantra Monday // I Whale Always Love You


I found this adorable whale illustration + calligraphy tumbling around on Tumblr. I have no idea who originally created it, but to whoever it is I say thank you. Ever since getting over last week’s sickness, I’ve been feeling totally lovey and wanting to dish out love in every way I can. I guess it’s my way of subconsciously making up for my many grumpy, not-so-good days last week. I tend to overcompensate, as evidenced by my decision to bake chocolate chip cookies, make homemade pizza, and heat up multiple batches of mac & cheese this weekend (all vegan of course!).

In the meantime, I bought my boyfriend a new lime & sandalwood candle that’s our favorite brand to help say I’m sorry. It’s the little gestures that I think make the most difference in our relationship. I’ve also tried to take some extra time to remind him how much he means to me. I love the idea of love being fun and playful, as it always has been for me. That’s why I find myself particularly attached to this illustration. So I’m sharing it with you today in the hopes that you’ll pass it along to someone you love! You never know just how much it might brighten their day. Also, I can’t help but sing the Whitney Houston song when I read this, which makes for a good laugh.

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