Mantra Monday // Happiness is Chips & Guacamole

happiness is chips & guacamole I haven’t designed my own art print in a while. Partially due to laziness to be honest and also partially due to the fact that I was at a loss for creative initiative. I was more inspired by other people’s work than my own, so I decided I’d share their beautiful creations with you. But this week, I fell in love with this art print on Pinterest. After discovering it was no longer available on Etsy, I decided I’d recreate it for you all by putting my own spin on it. You can download it for free below!

Food makes me happy. Seriously, I’ve fallen in love with the plant-based lifestyle. Every day, I discover more and more foods that I like, but would’ve maybe never tried before I became vegan. Like today, for example, I had a vegan & gluten-free buckwheat wrap from a juice bar here in Hong Kong. The wrap itself was made from a combination of buckwheat, beets & pine nuts filled with turmeric spiced cauliflower, roasted sweet potato & spinach.

I was so picky before I became vegan, literally I wouldn’t go anywhere near a salad unless it was drenched in some sort of dressing. I ate mostly junk food, lots of fried & packaged foods that left me feeling sluggish. Now, I eat the rainbow literally! I love vibrant, colorful meals that leave me feeling energized and happy. I have fallen in love with food all over again. But don’t think that means all I eat is leafy greens & raw fruits. No way. I enjoy abundant, rich comfort foods like raw vegan snickers bars and sweet potato fries.

As for chips and guacamole? It definitely still remains as one of my favorite snacks to this day. Tortilla chips are like a transportation device to stuff large amounts of guacamole in my mouth. I seriously love guac so much!

I hope you like this art print and find it as funny as I do. You can download it for free here and print it out to hang in your living room, above your desk, or in your kitchen. I’m definitely framing it and putting it up in by my couch to have close by while I binge watch Netflix or have movie nights, with chips & guacamole on the side of course.

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