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girl-power I was inspired this week to make more free wallpapers that you can use to dress your tech! I just wanted to say sorry again for going all MIA, but as I mentioned before I traveled to Ubud in Bali last week with my boyfriend to celebrate my 23rd birthday. It’s so funny to me how extravagant of a birthday it was and I’m still blown away by it. I feel so grateful and happy beyond words, because it was truly a magical trip. I feel not only so much more connected to my boyfriend, but also more in tune with myself. If you’re wondering what I mean by that, I’ll go into more detail below. Click through to download the free wallpapers!

iPhone wallpaper // desktop wallpaper // iPad wallpaper 

 I won’t get too deep, but let’s just say I’ve been struggling a lot over the past couple of years with loving myself for who I am (imperfections and all). In my head, I’m always criticising myself for the way I look. It’s like a constant nagging reminder that won’t go away. But worse than that, I’ve been putting myself down.

When my boyfriend asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday this year, I had to really stop and think. Wow, not only was I so happy to have such a loving boyfriend who wanted to treat me to something extra special, but I really could pick anywhere I wanted to go, within reason of course. I racked my brain thinking about where I wanted to be when I turned 23. For me, birthdays are like the New Year. I always make resolutions and set realistic goals for myself.

I thought about visiting Harry Potter World in Osaka, Japan or soaking up the sun in the Maldives. But, where could be better to spend this reflective time than in Bali? Funnily enough, we went there last year just after my birthday when I first arrived in Hong Kong. It was then that I feel in love with Bali. From all the vegan food to the zen nature, I felt like I’d found my place. 

So, back to me finding myself. Well, I spent the whole time in Bali with my boyfriend just the two of us. We barely looked at our phones, didn’t check social media, and only watched Netflix once. We were in the jungle surrounded by nature, swimming and tanning and reading every single day. I felt simply happy. I came to a truly deep and spiritual realisation that I would no longer treat myself poorly. I will love myself every day, embrace my femininity, and find strength in my inner beauty. It’s with these thoughts that I really feel like my life has changed for the better.

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