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How to Throw the Perfect Galentine’s Day Party

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It’s the month of LOVE. Which to me means a lot of things: self-love, family, friends, relationships, flowers, chocolate, and ice cream all come to mind. With Valentine’s Day sneaking up on us, it means we will be bombarded with all things red and pink. I’ve always been on the “pro-Valentine’s Day” team mostly due to my never ending love for chocolate, balloons, pretty flowers, and sweets.

But this year, I want to take some extra special time for a Galentine’s Day celebrating all the powerful women I know and love. Here’s some inspo for the perfect Galentine’s Day party!

I’ll be the first to admit I prefer a small gathering with my closest girlfriends over a rowdy coed one any day. If I was back in Atlanta, I’d call up my high school friends and we’d probably have a movie night in my basement like old times. It’d be cute to make smores, bake cookies, and have hot chocolate too. If you’re feeling extra craft, you could throw a card making & cocktails get together

glitterguidejan31-65 photo by Kate Ann

Or, if you’re like me and you don’t drink, you could make it a “cocktails & cookies” or “cocktails & candy” party. These vegan, almost raw white chocolate bites look so delicious and perfectly festive. Or, you could make my raw chocolate dipped cookie dough truffles to serve on the side of this beautiful, vegan red velvet hot chocolate.

“I’d Pick You” Valentine by Oh Happy Day

When I was a kid, we would decorate shoeboxes at school and then cut a hole in the top for our friends to put Valentines in. Picking out your Valentine’s Day cards and candy was like picking out your Halloween costume. They had to be good. Like really good. It was like Halloween in a way, you’d pour out your shoebox and count up everything you got. It was a major deal.

vegan coconut oil sugar cookies by Oh, Ladycakes

I want to do a grown-up version of this. It’d be really cute to have all your girlfriends exchange Valentines at your Galentine’s Day party. Instead of shoeboxes, you could handpaint big glass mason jars to put them in. I really like these 30 stunning cards for Valentine’s Day, these DIY funny printable Valentine’s Day cards, and these 14 awesome candy-free Valentines

What would Galentine’s Day be without a classic girl power movie? Here are my top 7 movie picks:

  1. Bridesmaids
  2. Mean Girls
  3. Legally Blonde
  4. Pitch Perfect
  5. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  6. Frances Ha
  7. Miss Congeniality 

Lastly, send everyone home with a mini bouquet and lots of love! Congrats, you’ve thrown your very own Galentine’s Day party.

jojotastic-shoulda-been-a-florist-mini-bouquets-from-trader-joes-4 mini bouquets by Jojotastic

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