Wish List Wednesday // Winter Vacation

It’s winter which means (*drumroll please…) vacation! In the past five months, I’ve been to Bali, Tokyo, Thailand, and now Amsterdam and Bruges in that order. Traveling for me right now is a constant in my life that brings me more happiness and joy than I could ever really put into words. But even when I’m not traveling, I don’t let that fuzzy feeling of wanderlust fade at all. I dream of traveling to every country in the world – each with their own unique people, culture, food, and experiences. You can find me most days daydreaming on Pinterest planning and adding more cities to my bucket list. 

For Christmas, we packed up our bags full of fluffy sweaters, down jackets, knit scarves, and tall boots and headed to Amsterdam. We wanted to spend the holiday somewhere super festive and Christmasy and to be honest, escape from the concrete jungle of Hong Kong.

Europe seemed like the logical choice and after plugging in “best places to spend Christmas” into Google, we came up with a short list of a couple of cities. Both Amsterdam and Bruges were on the list and we figured we could knock out two birds with one stone by doing it all in one trip. It was the best decision we ever made. I’d always wanted to go to Amsterdam because it’s definitely one of those cities you want to visit when you’re young. Boy was I right! It ended up being everything I hoped for and more and we ended up having a lovely Christmas even though we were away from home.

These are the top 5 cities I’ve got on my bucket list that are perfect for winter vacation (two of which I went to already this December!):

  1. Alsace, France (Tumblr Hits)
  2. Reykjavik, Iceland (A Young Woman)
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands (99 Travel Tips)
  4. NYC, United States (Dust Jacket)
  5. Bruges, Belgium (Bread & Olives)
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