Wish List Wednesday // Vegan Southern Food

vegan southern food Since I’m home in the South, it’s been all about food. If there’s one thing all Southerners can agree on, it’s their love for food. Now, you might be thinking most Southern food isn’t the most vegan-friendly, but you’d be surprised! I had my doubts too, but then I found these awesome healthy vegan twists on some of my favorite classic Southern recipes. 

Now, going out to eat is another story. It’s actually quite difficult, just because normal Southern restaurants usually offer food that’s heavy on the butter, cream, dairy, eggs, and meat. I’ve found the safest bet is a fruit salad or veggie salad without dressing or just with some olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Not the most exciting choices. Thankfully, I live close to a Whole Foods so I’ll always grab good food there before going out to eat or I’ll eat ahead of time at home. There’s a decent amount of sushi places where I live too which is always a safe bet.

I’ve been really inspired to try to create vegan & gluten-free versions of my favorite Southern dishes here in Georgia. I started doing research and it was like going down the rabbit hole. I actually found so many plant-based recipes for everything from veggie hot dogs to french fries to coleslaw to BBQ to mac & “cheese”. Now I don’t have to go another day without some delicious Southern comfort food!

Here’s 5 wholesome, drool-worthy vegan recipes that are healthier twists on Southern classics:

  1. The best fluffy, buttery vegan biscuits that would be perfect with jam (Minimalist Baker)
  2. Super creamy baked potato salad topped with coconut bacon and chives (Hot for Food)
  3. Crunchy raw rainbow vegetable coleslaw with avocado tahini sauce (Nutrition Stripped)
  4. Epic BBQ jackfruit sandwiches with veggie slaw & roasted cashews (Minimalist Baker)
  5. Flavorful & tender spicy lentil vegan sloppy joes with iced tea (Naturally Ella
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