Wish List Wednesday // Vegan Recipes with Bananas

vegan recipes with bananas My inspiration for today’s round-up of vegan recipes with bananas is quite simple: I have a bunch of incredibly ripe, brown & spotty bananas that I need to put to good use. I normally either freeze my ripe bananas and turn them into nicecream or make my simple 4-ingredient oatmeal banana breakfast cookies. Those are my 2 go-to banana recipes, but I’ve ventured out too quite a bit with my banana overnight oats and banana bread donuts. But I’m feeling creative and want to turn my bananas into something delicious that I’ve never tried before!

If I had to list my top 3 favorite foods it’d probably be: bananas, dates, and potatoes. I am a carbaholic and carb up on a daily basis. As a runner, carbs are fuel for me and so far they’ve served me well. Bananas are great for aiding in digestion and providing you with energy. I love them so much, so I’m always sure to keep a pile of bananas in my kitchen at all times. I actually have a big fruit bowl dedicated to holding just bananas!

If you like bananas, then you’ve got to try these 5 awesome vegan and gluten-free recipes:

  1. Chewy chocolate chip banana bread blondies (The Full Helping)
  2. Chunky banana bread granola with coconut (Food Bandits)
  3. Buckwheat banana muffins with chocolate chips (Wholehearted Eats)
  4. Banana bread granola bars with chocolate drizzle (The First Mess
  5. Simple raw, dairy-free banana “milk” (Nutrition Stripped)
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