Wish List Wednesday // Sweet Avocado Recipes

sweet avocado recipes #vegan #glutenfree My love for avocados is never-ending. Don’t even get me started on how much I love avocado toast. You probably normally think of avocados as being used for savory dishes. But they’re actually hidden gems when it comes to sweet treats. Did you know that avocados can magically add a deliciously creamy, thick texture to everything from mousse to pies to brownies to smoothies + more? Well, I’m here to show you how thanks to these 5 amazing, sweet avocado recipes.

The first sweet recipe I ever tried with avocado was the classic vegan chocolate avocado mousse. I was super nervous at first, thinking “how in the world could avocados possibly be good in a mousse?”. But after playing around, I realized that you couldn’t even taste the avocado itself. It ended up yielding a creamy base for the chocolate mousse, allowing the flavors of the raw cacao, vanilla and maple syrup to dominate. I even secretly tested it on friends & family who were shocked and in disbelief when I revealed the mousse was actually vegan and made with avocados!

Now that I’ve tried for myself, I’m more than happy to use avocado to make decadent, delicious vegan sweets and desserts. If you haven’t given it a go, then I really recommend you do and get back to me on what you think! Trust me, keep and open mind and you’ll be surprised what avocados can do. They’re truly magical.

Here are 5 vegan sweet avocado recipes to prove the skeptics wrong:

  1. Chocolate avocado mousse with coconut whipped cream & raspberries (Oh, Ladycakes)
  2. Raw avocado lime tart with gluten-free almond pistachio crust (Nutrition Stripped)
  3. Tropical avocado, coconut & lime popsicles  (Jerry James Stone)
  4. Clean green smoothie bowls with kiwi, coconut & blueberries (Downshiftology)
  5. No-bake chocolate avocado tart with coconut crust (Super Nummy
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