Wish List Wednesday // Succulent Planters

succulent planters Ah, the succulent. I really hope this trend never goes out of style, because I love filling my apartment with tons of tiny little plants. I’ll take any excuse to bring the outdoors in, especially here in Hong Kong. It’s refreshing to have a little token of nature at home in the midst of the concrete jungle all around. Also, kudos to the fact that they seem to flourish with minimal care!

Nowadays, you can find succulents almost anywhere. I first came across their beauty when I was living in Los Angeles, because I’d see them spotting the coffee shops of Silverlake and juice bars on every corner. I feel like they can give any place an instant facelift! Succulents really just make me happy and despite their small size, they make such a big difference when it comes to decorating.

But beyond the succulent, there’s the planter that you put it in. I’ve got mine in a couple of concrete & ceramic pots, as well as in some hanging silver metal planters in our kitchen. But now that I’ve really fallen in love with succulents, it’s about time I invest in some new planter pots. 

Here’s a list of 5 adorable, unique succulent planters to brighten any space:

  1. Small handmade ceramic panda planter (Etsy)
  2. White plaster pineapple planters (Kate La Vie)
  3. Mini copper planter (Julia Kostreva)
  4. Air plant growing in a natural crystal planter (Etsy)
  5. Hand-painted polka dot planter with locally dug clay (Jen Ray
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