Wish List Wednesday // Popsicles

wish list wednesday // popsicles Now that it’s officially summer, I’m more inspired than ever to literally eat the rainbow. The more colorful fruits and veggies I eat, the better I feel. It’s something about the constant sunshine and warm weather here in L.A. that gets to me. It makes me want to get outside, be more active, and above all else eat lots of refreshing treats. What better way to cool off than with homemade, healthy vegan popsicles?

Here’s a round-up of popsicles I’ll be making all summer long:

  1. Simple 3-ingredient mango chia popsicles with no added sugar (via Jelly Toast)
  2. Vanilla peach popsicles that remind me of home, a.k.a. the peach state (via Love & Lemons)
  3. Roasted blueberries + cream matcha popsicles, except with maple syrup (via With Food and Love)
  4. Tropical, layered pineapple & ginger coconut cream popsicles (via Beard & Bonnet)
  5. Chai-spiced coconut fig popsicles made with a homemade chai mix (via Tasty Yummies)
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