Wish List Wednesday // Holiday Wreaths

holiday wreaths

Last week, I was all about DIY advent calendars since it was the beginning of December. Now that the month is in full swing, I am turning my focus to putting the finishing touches on our apartment. We’ve put up all the ornaments on our Christmas tree. I’ve hung our garlands, put out the advent calendar, and set up our wooden Santa that counts down the days until Christmas. The only piece we’re missing is a holiday wreath! So, I’ve rounded up these 5 pretty, festive holiday wreaths that would look stunning on the front door.

My mom would always put a holiday wreath up on our door for Christmas. I remember there being so many options to pick from, since we lived in Georgia which is abundant in trees. However, living in Hong Kong now, our options are more limited.

I ordered a wreath last year online that’s adorned with these gorgeous gold bells that ring when you shake it. I’ve hung it up in our kitchen, since I spend a lot of time there and we don’t have a wreath hook for our door. It’s so nice to have a wreath, even if it is a non-traditional one. But I still love the classic wreaths full of all sorts of greenery and flowers! I’m still debating whether I should forage and try to put one together for our door.

Here are 5 beautiful, natural holiday wreath decorating ideas:

  1. DIY festive wreaths with flowers and greens (South by North
  2. DIY blue & white olive holiday wreath (100 Layer Cake)
  3. Rattan wreath stuffed with mistletoe and eucalyptus (Nellaino)
  4. Wreath with pinecones hung by a ribbon (This Is Glamorous)
  5. Holiday wreath making workshop with a local florist (Design Love Fest)
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