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As Halloween inches closer, I’ve got one thing on my mind: chocolate. I’ve always been a chocolate lover, going for the chocolate over the gummies or sweet & sour candy any day. When it comes to trick-or-treating, I get super excited still even though I’m not a kid anymore. It was tradition for me and my best friend Eileen to go trick-or-treating around our neighborhood every Halloween. When we got older, I’d be the one waiting by the front door at our house handing out candy to all the kids. Well, even though I won’t be trick-or-treating this year, it doesn’t mean I can’t make some of these delicious vegan chocolate treats to celebrate.

I’m a big one for healthy alternatives to candy. If you’ve tried my raw snickers bars, then you know that vegan desserts made with real, unprocessed ingredients can taste just as good if not better than the original. As a vegan, I believe in treating yourself to what you want rather than limiting yourself. If you crave chocolate every now and then, there’s nothing wrong with having some. If you get out of the ‘restrictive’ mindset, you’ll realize that everything can be enjoyed in moderation. Changing my mindset really has made me so much happier.

I’ve gathered up a couple of chocolate recipes that are totally drool-worthy and perfect for Halloween. Some of them could even be good to hand out to trick-or-treaters, or if you’re like me you’ll probably just end up eating them all yourself. 

Here’s five amazing chocolate recipes from some incredibly talented fellow bloggers:

  1. Raw, vegan chocolate banana peanut butter tarts (The Barefoot Housewife)
  2. Vegan & gluten-free mini moon toasted cashew butter truffles (Will Frolic for Food)
  3. Raw, vegan almond butter, cayenne & hemp seed truffles (Local Milk)
  4. 10-minute magical chocolate almond butter superfood seed bars (Half Baked Harvest)
  5. Vegan & gluten-free jumbo pumpkin spice caramel cups (Blissful Basil)
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