Wish List Wednesday // Beach Babe

wish-list-beach-babe I’m jet setting off to Bali for my birthday on Sunday. I’m so excited that I’ve already started getting out my swim suits and clothes that I want to pack. This is a big deal for me, because I seriously never ever pack early. I usually wait until the last second. But I guess I’m desperately trying to draw out the end of the summer, hoping that it will never end.

I’ve always preferred summer over winter, probably because I’ve always lived in warmer climates. Trust me, I’m a sucker for Christmas with all the holiday decorating, cookie baking, and festive spirit. But if I had to pick the sun or the snow, I’d almost always pick the sun. I don’t get the chance to go to the beach too often, but when I do I seriously love it. I could lay out by the ocean reading a good book and listening to the crashing waves for hours on end. 

Here’s some beach babe inspiration for those of you who like having their toes in the sand:

  1. Moody floral body suit with bell sleeves & denim shorts (Happily Grey)
  2. Cotton candy skies as the sun sets over the ocean (Pinterest)
  3. Blush one piece with chunky knit sweater (They All Hate Us)
  4. Denim dress with a cut out that ties in the front (Tumblr
  5. Little cottage nestled on the beach (Pinterest)
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