Wish List Wednesday // Avocado Toast 5 Ways

avocado toast 5 ways Avocado toast = life. Seriously, avocado toast is the best ever. If you’ve never had avocado toast before, you’re missing out on life. Did I mention I love avocado toast? My passion for avocado toast runs deep. There’s nothing like cracking open a ripe avocado to find the creamy green goodness inside ready to be lathered on some toast. I put avocado on everything, but avocado toast is the best quick vegan breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner by far. So, I’m here to show you how to make avocado toast 5 ways featuring these stunning recipes from my fellow food bloggers!

I went to college at USC in Los Angeles, where finding ripe avocados was as easy as walking 5 minutes to the local grocery store or farmer’s market. And I think I remember paying around only $5 for 3! Here in Hong Kong, I seriously have to go on a mission to find a good quality avocado that’s not rock hard! I took those large, ripe and affordable Mexican avocados that I got in L.A. for granted before but never will again. I’ve been seriously addicted to avocado toast lately. I’ve been making it almost every other day, sometimes just with sea salt & onion powder or baked Japanese sweet potato & tahini or cilantro avocado tahini dressing.

I usually go for a simple avocado toast, but I found these avocado explorations to be particularly inspiring this week. So I will definitely be giving some of them a go next time I have a ripe avocado on hand! 

Now here are the 5 mouth-watering vegan avocado toast recipes I promised to share:

  1. Green pesto avocado toast with tahini & black pepper (Well & Full)
  2. Miso-tahini avocado toast with black sesame gomasio (Dolly and Oatmeal)
  3. Sunny avocado toast with corn, tahini & jalapenos (Faring Well)
  4. Avocado toast with cilantro lime cashew cream (With Food + Love)
  5. Avocado toast with 5-ingredient vegan pesto & chili flakes (The First Mess
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