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vegan birthday cake #vegan #cake I’m on cloud 9 right now! August is one of my favorite months by far. My boyfriend and I just celebrated our 3 and a half year anniversary since we started dating (though I told him it feels like we’ve been together for like 6 years). I taught my first ever kids cooking class, where I helped them make my famous banana oatmeal breakfast cookies. I was nervous beforehand, but it ended up being a huge success. Now, I’m getting ready to leave for Bali on Sunday where we’ll be celebrating my 23rd birthday on August 30th!

Birthdays have always been an especially big deal for me. My mom’s a stickler for tradition, so she’d always make sure my brother and I would wake up on our birthdays with balloons to greet us, a “Happy Birthday” banner hanging above the kitchen table, and our favorite breakfast waiting for us with a candle in it. Mine was usually a cinnamon roll.

My birthday usually fell on Labor Day weekend, so I wouldn’t have to go to school on my birthday. As a kid, this was like the coolest thing ever. My parents would always invite all our family over for a special dinner and a big birthday cake. I’d have a birthday party too of course, usually before my actual birthday which means I was lucky enough to get to have 2 birthday cakes.

Everyone has their own favorite type of birthday cake. As for me, I gravitate towards something with chocolate or ice cream, or a combination of the two. I really take birthdays as an excuse to over indulge in whatever you want. For me, this means enjoying something I don’t have on a daily basis. I’ve been brainstorming what type of cake to make myself this. After all, I’m not sure where I’ll be able to get a vegan & gluten-free birthday cake in Bali. And I’m definitely not going without birthday cake this year!

So, I’ve rounded up these 4 vegan cake recipes that inspire me:

  1. Magic cookie cake with chocolate, coconut & macadamia nuts by Faring Well
  2. Raw chocolate pudding breakfast cake with coconut whipped cream by Vanelja
  3. Raw chocolate hazelnut ice cream cakes by The Kitchen McCabe
  4. Classic chocolate birthday cake with vanilla ice cream by Faring Well
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