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vegan smoothies I’m so into smoothies lately because it’s scorching hot here in Hong Kong. It’s been sunny and beautiful all weekend long, which makes me crave big, ice cold vegan smoothies. I grab whatever fruits I have in the freezer, mix in more fresh fruits & veggies to my liking, and blend it all up with filtered water in my food processor. I find that I get super impatient when it’s hot out and my boyfriend complains that I get “hangry” and take it out on him. That’s why quick, easy smoothies are my key to satisfaction. I’ve rounded up these 4 vibrant, plant-based smoothie recipes to try out this coming week!

There’s so much smoothie love going around this time of year that I found it hard to pick just 4 recipes to share. If you like layered smoothies, you should try my mango, blueberry & dragon fruit layered smoothie or this layered banana split protein smoothie by Monique from Ambitious Kitchen.

I’ve been so inspired to start digging into all the superfood powders that I’ve bought. They’ve literally just been sitting in a basket in my kitchen, a constant reminder of how I get overly excited and go crazy buying all sorts of vegan goodies. I’m sick of them just sitting there unused, so I’ve vowed to myself that I’ll start incorporating them in my smoothies from now on!

The first go? I made a peach, mango & banana smoothie this weekend and added in 1/2 tsp of spirulina. The result was a creamy, thick smoothie with a slightly funny-looking green color that tasted delicious nonetheless. Can’t wait to keep experimenting with more flavor combinations!

Here are the 4 vegan smoothies I’ve currently got on my “must try” list:

  1. Mango & passion fruit ice cream smoothie by Cashew Kitchen
  2. Bee pollen, berry, and broccoli rabe smoothie by Dolly and Oatmeal
  3. The ultimate berry carrot smoothie by Fanny the Foodie
  4. Avocado kiwi protein smoothie by Golubka Kitchen
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