State of Mind Sunday // Pineapple Party

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In the heat of the summer, pineapple is one of those fruits I keep going back to. I store pineapple chunks in my fridge and freezer to use in smoothies, acai bowls, or to eat on its own. There’s just something about its slight tang and bring yellow color that makes my lips pucker and puts a smile on my face. It’s definitely a happy fruit, inspiring me to throw a pineapple-themed party that’s perfect for summer.

The mixture of soft & golden yellows screams sunshine and can brighten up any party. Then, just throw in some soft pinks and light greens to get this spot-on tropical color scheme. It’ll transport you to an island oasis no matter where you are. Just use your imagination and you’ll be there!

I really like eating any and every type of fruit out there. I literally try to eat the rainbow, filling my plate with nutritious, whole foods with all the colors of nature. I searched for new ways to mix up my pineapple game and happily found these recipes for a pineapple lassi and pina colada smoothie. What’s your favorite way to eat pineapple? I’d love if you’d share with me on Instagram @asunshinemission!

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