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Sundays are for snuggling at home in a comfy sweater and slippers, watching movies on Netflix, and snacking all day long. Sunday has been my favorite day of the week for as long as I can remember. I grew up going to church with my family every Sunday, then we’d go out for a nice brunch after and relax at home. Traditionally in the South, it’s a day of rest where most people stay home to rest up and get ready for another busy week. I think Sundays are the best days to take some time to kick back, relax, reflect, and enjoy the simple things.

Nowadays, my Sundays mostly consist of movie marathons, hot baths, prepping food for the work week, and spending quality time with my boyfriend. We’ve made ‘movie night’ our favorite Sunday night tradition. It’s our official date night for the week. We’re always searching Netflix for new movies to watch or downloading entire seasons of shows which we go through pretty quickly. I guess you could say we binge watch on Sundays, but hey who’s judging?

My favorite part of movie night is experimenting in the kitchen with healthy and delicious snacks. I really like the idea of making vegan chocolate superfood popcorn. You really can’t go wrong with popcorn and a movie. So far, I’ve tried making regular popcorn, vegan coconut kettle corn, and the most addictive salty caramel popcorn from Taline Gabriel’s amazing Hippie Lane app. Chocolate goji hemp superfood popcorn is most definitely next up on my list. I’m also a big fan of homemade veggie chips because they’re the best finger food. You can try my oil-free, vegan cheesy brussels sprout chips if you’re in the mood for something that tastes like a healthier version of nacho cheese Doritos. And who could say no to a creamy, raw vegan chocolate banana milkshake? Then, all you have to do is just kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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