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Naturally, Hong Kong is on my mind at the moment as I adjust to living in the city again. After living at home in the suburbs outside of Atlanta for over a month, I’m realizing just how drastic of a  change it is to go from being in the South to a city like Hong Kong. I am loving every second of it! I just really am still adjusting, getting used to the streets being constantly flooded with people, the intense heat and humidity, and the different ways of getting around. 

Like I mentioned before, I’ve been on a mission to redecorate our apartment (thank goodness they have Ikea here!) and get it all organized. For some reason, I know I’ll feel much more settled in after it’s all done. It’s the perfectionist in me and I actually really enjoy it! I think I take after my mom in that sense because she’s exactly the same way. Everything has to be put away and in its right place. She’s really the queen of decorating and I like to think I have a little bit of an interior designer inside me as well.

Since apartments in Hong Kong are quite small, we really have to make the most of the space we have. It’s very compact, like what I imagine apartments in New York City are like as well. Literally every little inch counts. So, I’ve just been shifting things around and trying to figure out how to make it work. It’s most important to me that our apartment is comfy, clean, and homey. I brought a couple of pieces with me from the U.S., like the dreamcatcher and some wall hangings I made. It’s really helped to add a bit of a woman’s touch, plus they’re a nice reminder of home. 

Luckily, my boyfriend is being a really good sport about all the redecorating going on. He knows I’m going through an adjustment period and just need time, so he’s been extra patient with me. He’s even come along with me and helped me pick out everything. I just know he’ll be so excited when the apartment is finished and I can’t wait!

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