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 Last week was just one of those weeks where I had to get out of our apartment. I wanted to do something different, so instead of working from home in my sweatpants and favorite t-shirt, I got dressed and went out to a coffee shop. I felt super productive and got so much done for my blog, answered work emails, and took short breaks on Pinterest. All in all, I felt great. I broke through the rut I was having. But as it turns out, this was not a long-term solution. So I’ve set out to re-vamp my home office to make it just as appealing and conducive to work as these coffee shops. 

I was talking about my uber-productive week with my boyfriend this weekend, when he brought up a really smart point. He asked me why I was dying to get out of the house, when most people would love the chance to work from home. I was lucky, after all, to have the flexibility and opportunity to be able to do so.

I’m so used to working from home, which I’ve been doing for the past year that it just never hit me. I was so used to it. It had become a habit of mine to sit on the couch and blog with the TV on in the background. Some days I wouldn’t even get out of my pajamas. It was awesome of course, but I just all of a sudden felt this new renewed spirit to get the most out of my day as possible. 

Cue the expensive coffee shop days which brought with them new revelations. I’ve realized that having tea out every day can really add up cost-wise. Also, there’s other distractions in the form of hipsters having heated conversations, socialites chatting about their latest drama, in-person job interviews, and overly-enthusiastic regulars. All in all, I realized the value of being able to get in my zone at home where I can make myself a pot of tea that’s much more affordable. I can put on the music I want to listen to and not worry about bumping into anyone.

So, as this new sensible me, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best option is to re-vamp my home office. I’m going to invest in a nice new desk chair, since ours is broken and made of hard plastic that I find uncomfortable. Our desk is also stuck in a rather dark corner of our apartment, so I’m thinking a cute desk lap, some colorful artwork, and plants will help to liven up the space. I’ve already ordered a wall decal calendar to help me stay more organized. I’m really excited to bring my new creative, comfortable home office to life!

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